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Helping students achieve success through  strong fundamentals for future learning.

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My Approach

As a school psychologist, teacher, and experienced Montessori educator, I have seen most approaches to learning success.  Through my more than 25 years of experience, I have refined  a systematic approach to early literacy and fundamental math skills. During these unchartered times,  one on one teacher driven curriculum is helpful to instill  a strong fundamental set of skills  to support the classroom and future learning. 

About Me

Ami Gerstein is a credentialed school psychologist, teacher, tutor and parent  who has worked for more than 25 years in both private and public school settings.  Kitchen Table Tutors began in 2013 and has grown to include students from across the United States and Europe.  Ami has recently spent the last 2 years working in a Montessori Pre-K and Kindergarten setting, which has helped enhance her overall skill set.  


Through a SYSTEMATIC instructional method, students learn both a phonetic and whole word approach.  Students learn

-Alphabet letter/ sound  pairings

-Phonetical and phonemic awareness

-Decoding strategies

-Vocabulary development


-Reading comprehension

Educational Support

In these crazy times of Covid, I offer parents support and one to one tutoring to help students navigate their current home school curriculum.  


Through a variety of activities, students learn to understand numbers and their numerical representation.  Students learn

-Number/quantity representation

- Even odd representation

-Number values and which quantity is larger

-Place value

-Relationship between numbers

-How to add and subtract numbers


-Concepts of multiplication and division


By working one on one with a tutor through a virtual platform, the student is engaged and able to ask questions throughout the session.  Through their growth in both math and reading, each child will feel confident and proud of their personal success.


Please feel free to reach out to discuss any possible services to help support your child.

"During these challenging times of homeschooling, Ami has been instrumental in keeping our 6 year old on track.  Ami's tutoring was pivotal in her moving forward  and gaining confidence.   She understands and connects with our child making learning fun and effective. " 

Lilly's  family                                     July 2020

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